Obsession: Birds

Lately I have been loving everything having to do with birds. Not the scary Alfred Hitchcock kind of birds, but whether it be a charm on a necklace, or a screenprint on a tote, the symbolism behind the bird just makes my heart happy. Perhaps it is that birds often symbolize the soul and birds in flight symbolize freedom. Either way, it is definitely on my obsession list.  

Dandelionlace birdswise owl

Sparrow Flightfree birdperch bird


From top left: Dandelion Birds tee, $24.50, delias.com; Lace Birds Tee, $26.50, delias.com; Wise Owl Tee, $24.50, delias.com; Sparrow Flight Necklace, $42, etsy.com; Free Bird Necklace, $20, etsy.com; Perch Bird Ring, $8, etsy.com




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