My friends are better than your friends.

It is often said that great minds think alike. It is also common knowledge that cool, talented and all around amazing people hang out together. Case in point my friend, and incredibly talented singer songwriter, Veronica Lee Estes singing from her Brooklyn apartment. Not only is this girl beautiful and talented, but she let me crash on her couch and made me breakfast when I had no place else to go in NYC– and I had only met her once before!–not counting a run in outside a GAP dressing room in San Antonio, which is weird since neither one of us really shops at the GAP… I know it is no surprise that someone as funny, witty and talented as I would keep such good company but just in case you doubted how cool I actually am, now you can rest assure that I am cool at the very least by association. Anywho, check out her video here.

  1. You know, some of us are cool…just because….(right…and that wouldn’t be me…..) 🙂

      • wittybitch
      • September 15th, 2009

      haha indeed, some people are cool just by existing. i happen to be both cool by existance alone but am propelled to a new echelon of cool by association.

      at least that is what i keep telling myself.

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