25 by 25: #3 Become a great cook.

So I have been cooking a lot and trying new recipes and even baking lately all in an attempt to become a great cook. I did a little research and found some great food blogs and today I am trying out a recipe from Bakerella for Cake Balls. Now, since I can’t say the word balls without giggling, I have decided to refer to these lovely little treats as Cake Truffles. I also substituted Red Velvet with Devil’s Food chocolate, yum! The recipe is actually very easy to follow but I seemed to have some issues…

So the first step is to just bake a regular old cake. This part I did just fine on. Make a cake, sure no problem. After your cake has cooled completely (completely being the operative word which I theorize is where I went wrong, patience was never really my strength) you crumble the cake and mix it with cream cheese frosting then roll that into little balls (or big balls haha) truffles.

So since I have never had these before, I didn’t know what to expect for consistency and texture. The little guys though seemed to be more “batter” like than “cake” like at this point. Thankfully the next step is to refrigerate for several hours (or freeze for faster results). I split up my batch and put most in the fridge for much later and put some in the freezer so I could try and finish some to see how they came out. And well…they did not taste good. Once they are ready, you are supposed to dip the balls cover the treats with chocolate that has been melted. This is where things kinda fell apart, I covered the balls in nuts  truffles in peanuts so that maybe it wouldn’t look as bad. Thankfully I got another batch that I can try again on tomorrow.

I would like to take this moment to say that no more than 2 hours before this photo was taken, I made a delicious dinner for myself consisting of grilled tilapia and veggies with a side salad. It was amazing. So my baking may need a little work, at least I can make a mean dinner.

To see the full recipe for the Cake Balls (or Cake Truffles as I have named them) please visit: http://www.bakerella.com/red-velvet-cake-balls/

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