Home Shopping

No, not the corny television home shopping, I mean shopping in your house. Going through old clothes, that linen closet that somehow manages to hide dozens of treasures. Digging through boxes in the garage and uncovering gems that you forgot all about. These are a few of my favorite things.

I was searching through the garage for the shower curtain from my old apartment. I lived in my apartment for almost a year before I found the perfect chocolate brown, understated yet chic shower curtain that wasn’t absurdly overpriced (as shower curtains often are). I finally found it and it made all the difference in my old bathroom. Now that I have taken residence in my parents house, I am re-doing my old bathroom and need that darn shower curtain! The colors will be that perfect, spa blue (ladies you know exactly the color I am talking about) offset by my chocolate brown shower curtain and dark wood cabinets. Sadly, the shower curtain remains M.I.A. however, I did find (or rediscover) these treasures so all is certainly not lost:

Among these amazing items are ballet slippers (so amazing no explanation is necessary); my radio with iPod docking station and CD player; my brother’s knockoff Rayban sunglasses (shh don’t tell! I’m just gonna hold onto them for now and keep them in a safe place…like on my face); small wooden crates and glass jar that will find a home in my bathroom makeover; candlesticks (gifts from a friend that since moving from my apartment haven’t found a home, but I now have a great idea for them!); wicker storage basket; and the greatest overnight bag EVER! Seriously, I love that faux croc skin duffle and I always get compliments on it when I travel (shh don’t tell anyone it was a gift with purchase at Bath and Body Works like four years ago). And last but not least, bubbles. These were actually not with my stuff in the garage, but were part of what appeared to be a go-to supply of bubbles. I grabbed a bottle because honestly, today I was having a bad day which was the nail on the coffin of a pretty crappy week and I just felt like blowing bubbles. A perfectly grown-up way of coping with stress, I know.

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