When I grow up

I want to be my friend Amanda.

Last weekend I went to visit my friend Amanda in Longview, Texas while her husband was on a boys only fishing/kayaking/something else that boys do trip. I left Friday from San Antonio and roughly seven hours later arrived at her truly adorable home in East Texas. As you may know, I am somewhat obsessed with design blogs and when I read them I can’t help but day dream of my future self with my future husband living our future lives. Design blogs are the kind of things that bring out the most girly all-I-wanna-do-is-get-married-and-make-lots-of-babies side of me. Little did I know that one of my dearest friends was living this fantasy of mine (minus the making lots of babies part).

Like a total creeper, I totally took picture of my friends home, a beautiful work in progress and asked if I could share them here in hopes that anyone who reads will be just as inspired as I was.

Their kitchen is adorable! Amanda’s husband Jim did it all himself, the cabinets and the concrete countertops. And I don’t mean he went to Home Depot and picked out cabinets that he assembled himself, he constructed these himself. I couldn’t believe it when Amanda told me that. “Well he had sketch” was her response. Oh ok, well now that you mention that, I guess you are right, anyone can just draw a picture and whip up a kitchen too. Note to self: my future husband is gonna need to be able to do stuff like that too. If he can’t already, I will send him for a weekend woodworking camp with my dad and Amanda’s husband. No exceptions. They are going to put in glass and shelves in the cabinets and then they will be complete. Awesome job guys! I also love the cute welcome board, so sweet and typical Amanda. If I am not mistaken, that is the same blackboard from their wedding in November…

This entryway is amazing. Amanda has such a great eye for things, besides having impeccable taste, she does a great job of mixing high and low and new and old together. The chair at the desk she got for under $10 dollars at a garage sale or something.

LOVE this living room! Their home is a sort of mid-century ranch style and they do a great job of mixing in vintage inspired furniture and accessories with modern and contemporary fixtures. Also what I love about their home is that it really is their home–you can see Amanda and Jim everywhere in the artwork, the furniture and the construction. And to me, that is what makes a house a home. The chair in the center of the photo? Yea, Jim made that. The awesome coffee table? From an old doctor’s office, I think she said they got it at a flea market. My favorite part? The floating display above the green chair. This was made by Jim as a gift to Amanda (I want to say for Christmas), they both agreed they would only spend a certain amount on each other for Christmas and so he used his budget to create an amazing piece of art. I like it because obviously it is personal to both of them, but also it is practical, it creates a nice separation between the entryway and the living room but doesn’t take up too much visual space thus leaving the area still feeling very open and inviting.

So there you have it, what an adorable home! It was so lovely of Amanda to invite me over for a weekend getaway and it is always a wonderful time being with her and seeing her family in nearby Pittsburg, Texas. I truly love roadtrips and spending time lazily exploring small towns and it is the icing on the cake when I get to be with wonderful company. Thanks Amanda for a wonderful weekend and I look forward to my next visit!

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