Putting the Fab in Pre-Fab

I am kind of obsessed right now with modern architecture, design and art. Through my internet hunting I have come across a bunch of innovative, and surprisingly appealing pre-fab houses. Now don’t get it twisted, these aren’t your grandmothers pre-fab houses. Long gone are the bland designs of old school Sears pre-fab homes or the cheap, trashy stigma associated with mobile homes. The first time I really became familiar with the new generation of pre-fab houses was at an exhibit at MoMA in New York while I was a PR intern. While that opening night was an awesome, overall only one of the pre-fab houses looked like a place where someone could comfortably live. The other two were more like concept homes than a potential residence. But these houses I found online, I actually want to live in. Shockingly well-priced (especially when you factor in the savings on energy costs and the low maintenance of the building materials) and surprisingly warm and inviting, I can totally see pre-fab houses popping up more rapidly in progressive cities like Austin over the next ten years. The followng pictures are from Austin based modular design firm Ma.

Ma is a modular home design firm out of Austin. It is actually a subsidiary of a larger firm, KRDB which has amazing modern custom homes which typically cost more than the pre-fab homes of Ma. I love how the homes have large expanses of glass and take advantage of outdoor space. The homes are just so light and airy, contrary to what many people think of when they hear “modern design”.

If you are just as obsessed as I am now, check out http://www.mamodular.com/.

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