9 by Design

I was SO excited about the premiere of the new Bravo show, 9 by Design. I will admit that my must-see tv roster has greatly declined over the past several years. I really just don’t watch that much tv (besides Lost) but when I do, I enjoy watching either super nerdy stuff like National Geographic, Travel Channel or design shows on HGTV. Whereas I used to spend hours watching television, I now prefer to spend the same number of hours reading books and magazines at bookstores and libraries. One such book I recently enjoyed was Downtown Chic by Robert and Cortney Novogratz and when I found out they were getting their own show, I couldn’t wait for the premiere.

You see, the Novogratz are awesome. They buy houses, totally re-do them and transform the most undesirable buildings into amazing family homes for them and their seven (yes, seven) kids. Their previous home (they just recently moved into new digs on the West side of Manhattan) was an abandoned gun shop in NYC that they turned into an amazing townhome complete with a rooftop  basketball court with a dome (because you shouldn’t have to worry about basketballs going over the fence and onto the street below). Now I know that they aren’t the first fiscally superior couple to renovate their homes, but it is their sense of style and creativity that made me like their design aesthetic. They mix high, low, modern, vintage, art and rummage and create a comfortable family atmosphere that is uniquely representative of them. And that is what good design (and style) is (in my humble opinion): it is an outward, creative reflection of you.

Whether you are into architecture and/or interior design or not, you gotta check out their new house overlooking the Hudson River.

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