Who knew the SBOE was so good at Photoshop?

The decisions made by the SBOE are reprehensible.  This isn’t about politics, this is about educating our future generation. We are crippling young Texans when we do not equip them with the education to compete nationally or globally for college and the workforce. If the future workforce of Texas is unprepared, our future economy will suffer the consequences. If we do not provide the intellectual capital to compete on a global scale, we will see our more prepared competitors step up to the plate.

You cannot change history in hopes of stalling the future. In fact, if you spin, omit or lie about history to younger generations, you handicap the future of our state. The SBOE photoshopped their way through history: blurring lines here, fixing blemishes there in hopes of presenting our—dare I say, flawed national history as some sort of picture perfect Stepford nation.

The truth of the matter is that we are not perfect. A great nation yes, but an imperfect one nonetheless. How can we expect to form a more perfect union if we refuse to accept the mistakes of our past? How can we even consider ourselves a union when we choose to omit the patriotic efforts of those with a different skin tone than our own? How can we move forward as a country if we choose to spend time playing games of semantics instead of coming to terms with the flaws in capitalism and working to overcome them?

I would love to send my future children to public schools and lucky for me, there may still be hope for them. We have a choice to make, we can stay quiet and accept the status quo, accept the stereotypes associated with Texas education (in case you aren’t familiar, our state isn’t exactly looked at as a beacon of knowledge and intelligence) or we can stand up. We can speak up, raise our hands and say “I don’t think so!” We can raise our hands by casting our ballots. Not just in the big leagues, but on the local levels, get to know the members of your local school board. Know the names on your ballots, know what commitment they will make to the education of future Texans and hold them accountable.

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