So I had my 25th birthday celebration and turned into a gay man.

Haha, just kidding.

But seriously, I had a great 25th birthday celebration. Life is still pretty heavy right now so it was necessary to get out for a night and just kind of get out of control. All I wanted to do was wear a cute outfit, be surrounded by my amazing and beautiful friends and dance (and drink) the night away. And we did just that…until 8 Sunday morning. Then I spent Sunday lounging poolside with beautiful gay men while I tried to recover from the previous nights antics. Poolside lounging soon turned into McDonald’s and a Disney movie (Pocahontas, if you must know) which turned into the glorious, musical, divalicious experience of the one and only Whitney Houston in, The Bodyguard.  Then at 12:01 my gorgeous friends turned into a choir to sing me happy birthday.

Sidebar: having a cast of gorgeous gay men sing me happy birthday is literally a dream come true, now all I need is to star on Broadway as Annie. I mean we have a black President, we can have a black Annie right? Right.

The following video goes out to my boys, you know who you are.

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