Oh fashion, how I’ve missed you.

Let me set the record straight: I love, love , love my job. I also love, love, love fashion. My job however, does not love fashion. Therefore, since joining my current employer in January, I have pretty much abandoned fashion for the sake of practicality.

Running after kids, doing arts and crafts and playing basketball (well, “playing” is a relative term) don’t really lend themselves to amazing shoes, beautiful blouses and tailored dresses. Well, I’ve had enough. Summer is over, fall is upon us (NY Fashion Week!) and it is time to get out of this “famine of beauty!” (to quote Andre Leon Talley). Let the inspiration begin! Here are a few of some of my favorite looks from some inspiring fashion bloggers. Enjoy!

So I did a little shopping this weekend and literally had to stop myself from buying more sequins. Considering I no kidding have like no pants in my closet, I don’t need to build a wardrobe full of sequin tops, skirts and dresses. It looks like I’m not the only one though who is in love with sequins and the instant glamour they bring. They are everywhere and I love how Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere pairs her sequined skirt with forever chic and ultra utilitarian equestrian boots. This whole mixing of sequins with tough girl wear is all over the place right now.

Ok, so while I am not sure if I can pull this off (but you better believe I’m gonna try), I am LOVING this look.  The whole “socks as statements” thing that I’ve been seeing all over the place has really grown on me. There is something so demure and sweet about this look but paired with aviators and the kind of confidence that only a grown woman can pull off, the look becomes fierce. Yep, I said it, Fierce! This lovely lady runs an unbelievably Euro-chic blog Rebel Attitudes with a ton of inspiring (and beautifully shot) photos.

So speaking of fierce…Um, homegirl is rockin her look! Not only is she pulling off the previously mentioned socks look, but her dress is absolutely adorable! Her skin looks amazing, her shoes are out of control, the hair, the face, the jewelry, ugh I can’t even take it! Too cute for school. This is the reason I love style blogs and websites like Chictopia, you can look at everyday people, check out their style and get ideas for how to wear things. It also helps if you are at all like me and think in your mind something will look cute but aren’t sure if it is wearable. Well as you can see here, it pays to take risks in fashion. This girl has such a great eye for funky bohemian style, I can flip through her Chictopia StylePantry profile for hours!

OM double G. I’m living for this right now. So simple, yet so chic. All I want is for one, moderately cool and rainy day in San Antonio so that I can bust out my Banana Republic trench. Obviously I will also need to seek out a bright colored draped dress to pair it with. I love that if she totally buttoned up the trench, you might assume she was wearing more conservative colors underneath given the black tights and understated shoes. Of course you would assume wrong because once that coat comes off—hello sunshine!  Jessica from What I Wore always has such cute stuff. She has some great guest bloggers right now because she is getting married, congrats!

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