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Will you be my friend?

You know it seems easier as a kid to make new friends. Making friends as an adult feels super awkward. Think  about it, most of the friends you make in your adult life are either friends of friends, friends from work or friends from some type of class, like yoga or art history. I don’t know why I said yoga, I hate yoga and certainly never made any friends from a yoga class. Point is, trying to make friends organically as an adult feels slightly stalkerish. Or maybe it’s just me.

Lately I have been going to the library so much they pretty much know me by name (which I must say is kinda nice, it feels very small town-like). Likewise, I recognize the library people librarians too and have favorites. I want to be friends with the library girl. It all started months ago when she had the cutest vintage dress on and after I complimented her on it, we had a short talk on the best thrift stores in San Antonio and Austin while she let me know my books would be due in three weeks. Then several weeks later when she scanned in not one, not two, but five discs of Lost season four, she admitted her obsession with one of the greatest shows of television history. This is when I started thinking, hey, we should be friends!

Then tonight, I had to return some other Lost DVDs in exchange for the next three discs and pick up Away We Go which I had on reserve (sidebar: bet you didn’t realize that your local library has such awesome stuff like entire seasons of Lost and new movies like Away We Go for FREE).

“Such a good movie! And an awesome soundtrack,” she said.

“Oh good, yea my best friend said it was really cute, plus I have been watching so much Lost I’m starting to refer to people I don’t know as ‘The Others’, I thought it was a good time to switch it up” I said. (Yes, I am actually this funny in real life).

“Lost is a great show. I do that with The Office too, I have marathons and can quote nearly the whole show.”

“I love The Office! I love Tuesdays because TBS plays it back to back for like three hours.” (Yes, I base my favorite days of the week by the quality of television programs available).

Hmm..we both have an affinity for adorable vintage dresses. Both appreciate the amazingness of The Office, Lost and a great movie soundtrack. I love the library, she works at the library, this is a friendship made in nerdy heaven!

Dear Library Girl,

I think you are really cool, you always have the cutest dresses and you make me want to get one of those beauty mark piercings because yours looks awesome. We should hang out and watch The Office, and go thrifting and maybe use your connections at the library to start an official Lost book club where we read all the amazing literary works featured on the show. Will you be my friend?



See, there is no way that you just read that and didn’t think I was a total creeper.