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Weekend Bathroom Makeover Completed!

I wanted to finish my bathroom makeover by the time my mom came in to town from Fairfax, Virginia. You know, sort of a “Surprise! I’m living in your house while you are in Virginia and I re-did the bathroom!” As you may or may not remember, I finally decided on a paint color. That was the hard part! I knew exactly what I wanted, I just had to find the exact color that matched my inspiration. I wanted a relaxed beachy spa feel without being beached themed. I absolutely love theme parties, any excuse to wear a cut off sweatshirt and leggings while listening to the best of the 80s is fine by me. I do not however love themed decor. This isn’t Disneyworld, we don’t need to take a trip to “Underwaterland” or “Texasland” or any other “land”. Those who cannot tell the difference between inspired and themed, are often left with bathrooms that have palm tree motifs and seahorse figurines.

Anywho, I had a very, very small budget so the changes were small but achieved exactly what I set out to do. I do consider it a work in progress though as there are some additional changes I want to make including getting new electrical plate covers and changing the knobs on the main and linen closet doors. I didn’t take any “before” pictures (like a dummy) but I did take some “pre-makeover” pictures. If it helps, the previous decor was just as bad as the dirty drop cloth and blue painters tape.

…tape up, now for the paint…

…and, VOILA!

Ah I’m so excited! I am just thrilled that it didn’t turn into a complete disaster or that I didn’t completely ruin my parent’s house or seriously injure myself in the process!

So if you are wondering: the paint color is Mint Whisper from Valspar. It is a kitchen and bath formula, a semigloss I think, I just told the lovely employees at Lowe’s that I was painting a small bathroom and needed something durable that didn’t make my walls look like someone rubbed Vaseline on them. The “artwork” is all homespun stuff. The picture above the porcelain throne is a photograph of my feet in the sand which I took on vacation a few years ago put in a frame I purchased from Target ¬†about 3 years ago. That same picture used to be in my kitchen in my old apartment and served as the inspiration for the entire bathroom re-do. The wood crates were found in the garage that used to hold gift sets from Bath & Body Works many, many years ago (SO glad my mom and grams keep this kind of stuff for “future craft projects”). I used an old salsa jar (Clint’s Texas Salsa if you must know–the only salsa that matters) to house my Q-tips and another glass jar from the garage to house the cotton balls. I have a lovely chocolate brown shower curtain that is M.I.A. so while I continue the search, I got a fresh white shower curtain liner from Target for about $2 (and I like the white so much I may just keep it and make some white DIY shower curtains later on). The hand towel is new also (on sale for $3 from Target). I really wanted all new soft white towels for myself but didn’t have the budget for it. I figure if I put out a crisp fresh “guest towel” (I feel so grown up!) no one will know that I am using super un-cute forest green towels (casualties from the previous decor scheme)…except that now you all know…oops.

The picture on the sink is actually art: it is a photograph taken by my friend Amanda back in college. It is a photo of me, well, the back of my head/neck and my earring. I like that she has the ability to see art in the everyday sort of things and I love having something beautiful that is personal and done by someone I actually know! The other piece of “art” is a homespun idea. My mother got me a small wood framed mirror from Ikea for about $3 and I had it for about 6 months, before I knew exactly where to put it and what to do with it. The wood was unfinished so it was a totally blank canvas. I covered up the mirror with a photo from a magazine that I cut out and put in my inspiration binder for bathroom ideas. Then I walked around the backyard and picked up sticks from our weeping willow and hot glued them around the frame (and got burned several times in the process). I thought about staining the frame first, but I kind of liked the idea of having different colors of wood, it looked a little less finished, more organic, more relaxed. I like it because it brings in the whole beach inspiration again and also incorporated natural elements without being over the top.

So there you have it, my first home makeover project and it was a success!